Immigration Law – Consequences of Overstaying a Temporary U.S. Visa

If you stay in the U.S. past the expected departure dare on your U.S. visa you may face some serious consequences.  You may be barred from returning to the U.S. for a number of years depending on how long you overstayed.

You may be subject to a three-year, ten- year, or permanent ban depending on your individual circumstances; however, there may be options to help you remain in the U.S.  Options include adjustment of status or applying for a waiver of the three-year or ten-year ban.

Getting Help

If you have overstayed your visa you should immediately consult with an experienced immigration attorney.  At Shafer, Grossman & Rupp we have assisted clients in obtaining waivers of the overstay bans.  We have also assisted in obtaining green cards for several of our clients.

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